Kelty Noah's Tarp + REI Tarp Poles


Added gear, just in time for the denver trip. I just received the Kelty Noah's Tarp, and two 6ft REI Tarp Poles, just in time to test them out during yesterdays overnight in Staten Island. This is key camping gear for the unexpected rain. You can set it up first, and then set up your tent under it. The inside of your tent will stay dry while you put it up. You can also pitch the tarp over your picnic table so you have a place to hang out in the rain as long as your tent is safe under its rainfly.

It took me a few minutes to figure it out, mostly that i needed to tie down the pole corners to stakes. I thought the pole would take care of those corners. Once i figured it out it was great. Next time i'll set it up better now that i understand how it fits over a picnic table.