Heidenau K60

I've been researching more dirt friendly tires for a while. I'm not a dirt rider but when I occasionally get off the road it's really nice to have. Recently my stock rear tire got a screw in it. It was plugged, then the plug failed. Long story short it was plugged three times in the same spot. Time for a new tire. Why not two? Decided on the heidenau K60 tires.

A buddy of mine from advrider has the same bike with those K60's on. He kindly let me test them out locally. His tires had 4K miles on them. I took them out on local streets and on the parkway. They felt great and so I made the jump. I ordered the rear from revzilla and picked up the front at cross country BMW in jersey. I found someone local on advrider to install the tires for $40 each. He was great. He had a garage with all the tools necessary to do the job right. Highly recommended.
Riding there was a bit of a challenge with the tires strapped to the back of the bike, but they did look really cool back there.
Riding on them so far they feel great. I was told for the first few hundred miles they would make extra road noise and feel weird at low speeds slowing down. They do, nothing that bothers me, and I know from test driving my buddies that it smooths out eventually.
I'm excited to have tires with some meat on them. Should be perfect for Brooklyn.



Note: tires installed at 4150 miles.