Sena Prism - Suction Cup Test

Very solid. Impressive mount.

Sunken Mine Road + New riding buddies

Great day riding. Mixed and matched two of my buddies and even added a new one today. The four of us met at a cafe in Dumbo. Had a cup and started up north. We followed a track I found online. Unfortunately the track took us through the Bronx local streets to get up to cold spring harbor. Wasted time. Lesson learned.Once we got up there it was awesome. We hit some dirt roads and some winding smooth roads. Great mix. It was freezing and I'm pretty sure I convinced my buddies to invest in heated gear. It even flurried on us a bit. Looking forward to the next ride with the same crew.

Edit: I realized this is very close to where i camped this past summer. Looking forward to camping here again now that i know about these dirt roads.

6K Service

noting really exciting here. i got my 6k service at bmw nyc. i had to schedule a few weeks in advance. i reached 6k just ~4 months after i got the bike. i found out i was supposed to do an oil change at 3k. it doesn't say so anywhere in the manual, just says once a year or if you do a lot of miles to do it sooner. they said it wasn't a big deal at all, and that i should do my next oil change on my own at 9k, and then bring it in again at 12k for scheduled service. they were reasonably priced (i think), and they had it done for me in 2 hours while i waited.



Sexy motowife.

Heidenau K60

Heidenau K60

I've been researching more dirt friendly tires for a while. I'm not a dirt rider but when I occasionally get off the road it's really nice to have. Recently my stock rear tire got a screw in it. It was plugged, then the plug failed. Long story short it was plugged three times in the same spot. Time for a new tire. Why not two? Decided on the heidenau K60 tires.

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