Vario Case - 3M Reflective Vinyl

i saw a great post on advrider showing how someone added reflective 3M vinyl to their vario cases. it inspired me to order the same sheets and do the same, or similar. here's how i did it, along with some photos...

i was nervous about doing this, i really wanted it to look good. i looked around at my cases to try and figure out what areas i wanted covered, then i measured everything (several times). i then created a new Pages document and laid out 2* 8x11 pages with boxes the size of the areas i wanted to fill. i laid them out the best i can to try and take advantage of the sheets the best i could, getting the most use out of them. i needed an online tool to help me convert ruler measurements to decimal measurements and back. after i figured out what shapes to use, how many, what sizes they should be, and how to organize them on the pages, i then took an 8.5x11 paper and clipped it to the 3m page. i drew out the line where the 3m page ended, so i can know how much space i had, as the normal white paper is bigger then the 3m paper. i then unclipped the 3m paper and proceeded to use a ruler and a pencil to plot out all my shapes as best i could. i used dots every 1/2" or so to mark distances, and then i use the ruler to give me complete lines going along those dots.

i then double checked all my measurements, and clipped the paper back to the 3m sheet so that everything was aligned. i used a cutting board from the kitchen underneath the sheets, and then took an exacto knife with a new blade, and proceeded to slowly and carefully cut along all the lines. the dots that i used early to plot my lines helped a lot. just like when on a motorcycle going through a long bend, you focus and keep your eyes ahead of you through the bend, thats how i cut. i concentrated on every next dot and my hand followed (instead of concentrating on the line where i was).

after all the cut outs, i then cleaned my case with running alcohol pads in the areas i was going to apply the stickers. a lot of good dirt came off, and i learned thats a great way to clean the case. i placed the stickers on while they still had the backings on to see how they fit. some of them i had to trim down a little. applying them was easy, bubbles should not be a worry. just be careful, and then smooth them out with your fist.

i put reflective stickers on the backs of all my cases, and the sides. i think they came out great, and i have a little bit left over that ill apply to some small areas on my bike.