AdMore Light Bar - For your safety...

Some products make it easier to ride longer distances, some give you more storage, some protect your bike, and some protect you. This product is one that literally protects your ass. This is a rear brake light, loaded with features. There are several on the market that do something similar, this one is my pick. 

I spoke to David, the owner of AdMore at the end of the summer. We spent almost an hour chatting about his journey, his company, and how it came to be. They are based out of Canada, and manufacture there too, which is a win for North America. They started out making accessory lighting for GIVI cases and eventually made a brake light bar. This is their newest version, and it's the most refined yet. One thing that was clear at the end of the phone call, David is a great guy. He is someone who followed his passion. 

The bar itself is really good looking, and made of high quality materials. It doesn't feel like its made in someones garage (it's not). It looks engineered, and purpose built. They make two different versions, the standard one and the one with "smart brake" technology. The one I have is the "smart brake" version.

The light bar stays illuminated while riding for extra rear visibility. When you use your blinkers, it's got a super cool yellow progressive light in each direction. When you press your brake, it does a crazy flash pattern that's super bright. It's impossible to ignore, it calls attention from everywhere on the road. THIS BIKE IS BRAKING! Depending on how long you hold the brake, it will flash the pattern and then stay steady bright and lit. When you let go it goes back to standard brightness. While pressing the brake, besides getting super bright, there is a set of white LED lights in the middle that flash as well, which is becoming standard on vehicles like school busses to call attention to what's happening. 

The "smart brake" version differs in that it doesn't wait for you to brake for it to light up. It's got a built in accelerometer that knows when you are slowing down. I don't know about you, but when i'm riding I rarely use the brakes when slowing down. I downshift, or simply let go of the throttle and my bike slows down tremendously. The smart brake version senses that and does its own unique blink pattern that I believe is different from the standard braking blink pattern. This is one of my favorite features, added safety.

The GIF doesnt do it justice. The turn signals are progressive, which arent shown here. See the video for clarification.

The GIF doesnt do it justice. The turn signals are progressive, which arent shown here. See the video for clarification.

I had some buddies follow me around on a recent day trip and via SENA intercom, they told me every time they saw it light up. Which was great because I then knew if it was working and when! I need to get some video of that, while synced to an intercom so you can know when i'm downshifting and when i'm braking. 

The kit comes with everything you need. If you are at all handy, it's fairly simple to install. Especially if you've already done any electrical work (ie aux lights). If you dont feel up to it, your dealer can likely help you. I know Cross Country Cycles in Metuchen NJ carries these and will optionally install it for you. Tell them Mosey sent you ;)

If you install the light bar above your license plate (opposed to under it) then you can activate a license plate LED within the settings since it may block your OEM license plate light. Speaking of, the light bar is USB programmable. The default settings will likely be set up the way you want out of the box, but if you'd like to adjust some sensitivity or other settings then you can connect to it via USB. They make a windows app and an android app. You can also change settings via Terminal app on a mac if you are familiar with it. They supply a command list which is the way I went. I think the only setting I changed was turning on the license plate LED.

In terms of safety, the benefits are obvious. I've even seen cars notice it and slam on their brakes. I'm a huge fan of anything that makes my riding safer. There are other companies that do this, SkeneDesigns for example, that make a great product. To me though, the AdMore is the complete package. It's got everything I want including the fit and finish.