Laser Lite - Ear Plugs

At first I didn't wear ear plugs at all. Then I found NoNoise which were pretty cool. I recently misplaced them and a friend gave me an extra set of Laser Lites he had on him for our ride together. Funky pink and yellow foam ear plugs... 

The NoNoise were great, but the downside i found out, is if you loose them, you're out $30. These Laser Lites are around $20 for 200 of them. Keep a bunch in your jacket or your tank bag. I actually really liked them on that one ride. They kept out more noise, everything seemed calmer to me. They fit in really easily, and stayed in. They get small enough to get deep in my ear, and then expand nicely. They fit better then any ear plug I've tried so far. I've used cheap orange plugs before and i really dint like them. Its amazing the difference between brands and styles. These are disposable single use, but at the recommendation of my buddy, I've been using about 1 pair a week. 

I started with a small purchase from Amazon, 20 for $6 just to make sure i like them. So far i do, and i don't mind losing them or dropping them on the floor.