S.O.L.A.S Reflective Stickers

S.O.L.A.S Reflective Stickers

Originally I had black discrete 3M reflective stickers on my varios cases. That was when the cases were new and scratch free, i was trying to keep the look clean. Over the past year the cases have taken some damage, and due to having to replace a part on one of them, i was now in need of new reflective stickers. I heard great things about S.O.L.A.S and it hasn't disappointed. It was also really easy to install. 

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Got some reflective tape. Couldn’t figure out the little plastic applicator that came with it. Don’t think the applicator was meant for rims with rounded inner edges. Either way I finally figured it out on the rear wheel and didn’t have enough left for the front wheel. I put the extra bits around the bike. I like the way it looks. Im going to order some for the front wheel in a few weeks after I make sure the tape lasts.

My method of applying was using two thumbs - and pressing single 1.5” straight lines, after each 1.5” line I would angle the next one slightly to follow the curve. So a bunch of straight lines basically.