S.O.L.A.S Reflective Stickers

Originally I had black discrete 3M reflective stickers on my varios cases. That was when the cases were new and scratch free, i was trying to keep the look clean. Over the past year the cases have taken some damage, and due to having to replace a part on one of them, i was now in need of new reflective stickers. I heard great things about S.O.L.A.S and it hasn't disappointed. It was also really easy to install. 

S.O.L.A.S stands for Safety Of Life At Sea. Its actually a standard. They came in 2"x4" strips. I taped 3 of them together the long way to create a vertical strip for the back of the cases. I tried removing the original 3M stickers but they weren't going to come off cleanly, so i just left them in place. I added some more of the new stickers on to the back and sides of the top case, and the sides of the side cases as well. 

I think they look a lot more obvious, and I'm liking the look. More importantly, they are brighter. Now with the original 3M stickers on there, plus the new S.O.L.A.S stickers on it, the back of my bike lights up really bright at night. Also, now that i the cases are a bit scratched up, and i have more obvious reflectors on them, I'm now more open to adding misc other stickers to the cases. i was hesitant about this before. I still feel like they need to be earned though.