I've tried disposable ear plugs before and I could never get used to them. I couldn't get them in right, they kept falling out, they blocked out too much noise. My helmet is very quiet and so it ended up never being a priority. Pair that with my new wind screen from givi and my rides are relatively calm. I've noticed though, that after a 3 hour ride my ears are ringing. We are getting ready to goto Denver, and so I wanted something for my ear protection.

I found these at revzilla and they looked great. They keep out wind and engine noise while letting conversation and car horns through. Amazing if true. They also looked really easy to get in. All the reviews were largely positive.

They came in today, I tried them out quickly at home. They are really easy to get in and out of your ears and they come with a nifty carrying case. I had a full conversation with my wife, she had no idea they were in and I heard her perfectly. No muffling. I like them so far.