Gear Changes? Not Yet.

A buddy of mine asked on google+ in response to one of my google story posts:

Looks like you have a very successful motorcycle camping kit! did everything go well? what changes are you going to make in equipment?

i haven’t really had to change anything about my camp kit. i researched the hell out of it before i bought anything. what i would need, thinking out all aspects of one night trips. everything i purchased ended up being perfect. except maybe my extra large inflatable mattress. i only got that to get my wife out with me a couple times. i would love to get something thats smaller and doesn’t require motorized inflation. 

what i did change was the food i bring, and how i build and break down camp. getting better at all of it. my goal this summer is to camp once a week for the entire summer on my moto. before this summer, i never went moto camping. i also never camped alone before this summer.

i love it. wish i had some moto camping buddies. i did finally get my wife on the back of my bike for a mini moto camping trip about 30 minutes away. that was a blast. posts to come.


i lied. i added a few things. 
a dry spec duffle, a small soft cooler, and an egg carrier.  : )

Edit: i lied again. i add things all the time - its an addiction.