Denver Planning

Every year I goto an industry show (A/V Home Automation). This year it's in Denver and I'm taking advantage of it. My brother in law harry, who is also my business partner, will be coming. We are going a few days early, renting motorcycles and heading out in to the mountains.

We are flying out Monday morning, arriving around 9:30AM. We are renting from an awesome place called Western Dual Sport Motorcycle Adventures. We found the owner Ron on To say he has been helpful is an understatement. He's helping us plot out our route from start to finish. He's also picking us up from the airport. From there we will be going back to his place, gearing up, coming up with the final route and heading out. We will be riding all day Monday, camping somewhere in the mountains Monday night, riding all day Tuesday, camping out again Tuesday night, riding all day Wednesday until we return the bikes late Wednesday afternoon. From there we will head back in to Denver's city center to stay in a hotel one night before our show. We go to the show for one day and head back to NYC Thursday night.

We are renting Suzuki VStrom 650's, and harry is renting full gear while I bring my own. We are preparing as best we can now for the trip. We leave in a little over 2 weeks. Since it will be the 2nd week of September we are told it can drop to 30/40 degrees at night in the mountains. I already have a ton of gear, but I need to figure out punch lists of what we need for a multi day camping trip and for cold weather. We are just bringing two duffle bags and nothing else. If It doesn't fit in the duffle it doesn't make the cut. Everything we have is ultra small packing. Most of my current gear is summer oriented. I need to find sleeping bags that pack small enough while still being warm and not breaking the bank. We already cut out my full size air mattress from the mix and replaced them with two ultra small packing inflatable pads. We are having a lot of fun researching gear online and in local stores. We are very excited for our mini trip. This will be our first multi day moto camping trip ever, and in the amazing Rockies. I'm hoping my 8+ times moto camping this summer has helped prepare me for this upcoming mini adventure.