Ram Mount X-Grip Replacements

I've had the ram mount for over a year, and I love it. It installs really easily, and does its job really well. At high speeds, excessive bumping, offroad, it holds my phone in place. you can read about my initial thoughts and install tips here. I had a little incident this week, and I'd like to share it with you.

First I'd like to start by describing my current setup. I originally purchased the X-Mount for my iPhone 5. Later I upgraded to the iPhone 6 plus, which is MUCH larger. While it does technically fit in the same x-mount, they recommend using a larger X-Mount for that size device. The larger x-mount fits on the same size ball attachment, but has larger arms to grip the phone with. Still, the 6 plus technically fit in the mount I had, barely. I was lazy, and cheap and so I continued using what I had, for about a year.

Earlier this week I was commuting to Manhattan, in traffic towards the Lincoln Tunnel. I was inching forward and my phone just popped out of the mount. It was dangling half way down to the street, still connected to the charging cable. A moment later it gave, and the phone plopped down to the ground. In a panic, i jumped off the bike, grabbed my phone, and was relieved to see my $950 phone was not damaged in any way. The case did its job. I quickly got back on the bike, and noticed one of the rubber grips was torn on one side. I pulled it off, turned it around so the torn side was on the opposite side, and put the phone in my tank bag.

Getting back to my office, I found a replacement set of rubber ends in my drawer. I'm not sure why I had them, maybe the kit originally came with two sets. I went to replace all 4 of them, and I noticed that the original ones slipped right off without any resistance. I put the 4 new ones on, and they were much tighter. Wether it was from using a device too large for the size mount I had, or if it was just from normal wear, the existing rubbers were worn. I would recommend checking these often and maybe replacing them yearly. It's a small purchase to ensure an overall great product keeps working the way it should.