SCHUBERTH + SENA - New Partnership

SENA has been releasing new products at an incredible pace. Ever since the SMH-10, they have not stopped innovating, with the 20S, Prism, 10C, 10U, and the list goes on. They have been partnering with helmet companies for years, but partnering with SCHUBERTH is a big win all around. 

Schuberth previously partnered with Scala, the once leader in the motorcycle intercom world. When Schuberth announced in a small press release a few months ago that they have a new intercom announcement coming, I knew (and hoped) it would be with Sena. It only makes sense today to partner with the current leader. It shows the Schuberth is moving quickly and keeping up with the times well. 

If you look at Schuberth's recent product development, you can feel a more modern version of the company revealing itself. They have been expanding their offerings, and have been offering graphics that are a lot more playful than they have in previous years. I believe they also have a few new helmets that will be announced within the next few months.

What's interesting about this partnership is how far Sena is stretching itself. They already partner with other helmet companies, and they are working on their own new smart helmet. If they are now a helmet company, then they are technically a competitor to Schuberth and others out there, while still partnering with them. I don't see Sena's helmet being a threat to them just yet, but it is interesting none the less. 

I've been using Sena products for a few years. Starting with the SMH-10, then the 20S and the Prism camera. I think they make really great, and useful products. What gets me worried though, is if they are creating so many new products so quickly, that some of them will suffer. For instance, the Prism camera that was released over 2 years ago has never received a firmware update. I'll leave the specifics for another time. You can read my initial thoughts review here.

I'm curious to see what the actual product will look like. Previously, the Scala version was a replacement neck roll with integrated electronics and controls. Sena currently makes a 10U that hides inside the Schuberth helmet, with an external handle bar controller. Maybe this will be a mix of those two solutions. I'm hoping the new schuberth version includes technology from the 20S, allowing 8-way intercom. The 20S is the only sena product that offers 8-way, while all others including the 10U only offer 4-way. Thats whats keeping me from using anything else, and forcing me to have a large external intercom like its 2015.


All in all, i'm happy to see one of my favorite helmet companies partner with my favorite intercom company. Press release below.