Sun in my eye!

wow, if i knew then what i know now, i would have considered a different helmet…..

not that there is anything wrong with my AFX, but wow the sun can be dangerous. riding to jersey one day on the turnpike the sun was blaring so bad i just couldnt see at all. my eyes were tearing, i couldnt make out anything. it was dangerous. i stopped at the first rest stop and got raped for a pair of plasticy aviators, $25. they did the trick and i was able to get home. after that i kept a pair in my top case for those rare moments.

the issue is, my helmet is a SMALL, and i can barely fit sun glasses in the helmet with my head in it at the same time. i now remember Union Garage showing me a helmet that had an internal flip down tinted half shield for sunny days. what an amazing feature i now realize i might want on a future helmet.

i researched and ended up buying a few helmet accessories. AFX makes a flip up external tinted half shield, they also make a snap in tinted “fast shield”. i ordered them both, along with a chin curtain from motorcycle superstore.

outer flip down half shield:


fast shield:

Chin Curtain:

The fast shield is cool, but doesnt seem to work with my helmet, even though its made by the same company and claims to work on all helmets even outside their brand. so that was $10 down the drain. its also not as tinted as the outer half visor i got.

the chin curtain was to keep the wind out while riding in the cold. it seems to be made of shit, yah i think thats the actual material. shit. and i cant figure out how to install it. ill have to research it some more but it might have been $7 down the drain as well.

the outer half visor made by afx spefically for my helmet modem seems to be a win. when down it blocks the sun enough so if its blinding out, i can still ride safely enough. when flipped out, it doenst get in the way… so far. i like it.