ALPS Mountaineering Velocity Queen Air Mattress

Ordered this ALPS air mattress from REI on special last week. I was going to get something smaller that fits in my side case but for the same price i could get something a lot more comfortable, that a 2nd person can use with me as well. Its going to get packed right behind me on my bike, above my dry sack.

It came in today so i got to test it out. I’m going to post a few photos, since when i searched online i could not find anything on it…

It comes in a nice sack, i feel like it could take less space if tied up correctly. It also comes with a rechargeable inflator / deflator pump. Inflating took under 2 minutes. I ended up deflating manually as it was too easy not to. I’m sure when packing up at the end of camping, it will be nice to suck ALL the air out to make pack up easier.

I checked before i bought it, and the measurements showed it would fit in my tent. When i inflated the mattress i started doubting myself. I built my tent and put it in just to double check. Fits perfectly.

I packed up the mattress in to its sack, and put the sack in my dry bag. This is how it fits on my bike: