Rounding out the winter gear...

I wrote about my Initial Gear earlier this month, which mostly consisted of warm weather equipment. well its getting colder out, and im going on my first non work related day trip this sunday so i want to be prepared. being equipped with more rain / cold gear, along with my new side cases, i should be ready for anything.

my jacket was a 3 season that should hopefully last through the winter, but current gloves and helmet seem to not cut it in the cold. i also needed pants so i can protect myself in case of a fall, and stay dry in the rain. i went with rev’it gear once again. they make great stuff… im a fan. and again, all from union garage. here’s what i got:

rev’it enterprise trousers in black. they fit well, go over my day clothes, and are water proof. they are also padded at the knees and upper thighs. im not sure how they’ll do in the summer heat, but i wore them for a bit around town today. it was 75 out and it felt fine. more important though is rain and winter.

Next up, i got a pair of warmer gloves. My current rev’it gloves are great but are not meant for cold at all. i went for urban style gloves that arent too long, and are easy to get on and off. between those and my heated grips i should be ok. they are the rev’it carver gloves.

did i mention they work with iPhones, just like my other ones :)

the last thing i bought is for my neck. my current helmet is great, but again really geared for summer. the entire under chin area is wide open so it gets cold quickly. i bought a wind blocker for my neck. the rev’it karma windcollar. i should have bought a second helmet that is geared for the winter, but its not in the budget. this is a nice hold over.