Moto Camping Gear: Visual Progress Report

A few weeks ago i decided to actually get in to motorcycle camping, instead of just reading about it and hoping to do it one day in the future. So far I’ve spent a lot of time researching, planning, and purchasing.

Like i said in a previous post, I’ve been using pinterest to help with the research. I have a research board for moto camping gear, and a purchased board that shows everything i bought so far.

a quick visual list of everything i got so far….

Kelty Trailogic TN3 Tent (small enough to fit in my hard cases)

ROK Straps to tie gear down to the bike

Alps inflatable camping mattress

Sea to Summit Compression Dry Sack (to be mounted to my bike, hold random gear)

REI Camping Chair (folds small enough to fit in my hard cases)

REI Travel Sleeping Bag (small enough to fit in my hard cases)

Items on my pending purchase list (to be purchased this week likely)

GSI Bugaboo backpackers Cookset

Primus Express Stove w Piezo Igniter