Gerbing 12V EX Heated Jacket

For my winter jacket solution, at the beginning of the winter i bought a great Rev’It Horizon jacket, and a gerbing heated liner to go under it. I loved the combo. The only thing that bothered me was that they didn’t zip together. but still, it was great. The zipper on the Horizon broke. Revzilla helped me deal with Rev’It. Since they no longer made the jacket anymore, they offered to repair it, replace with a newer model Rev’it, or give me a store credit…


After some research, and realizing Rev’it didn’t have anything similar to the Horizon where the outer shell was waterproof on its own,  i ended up deciding to get a store credit. I put it towards Gerbings new motorcycle jacket. I believe its the first one they ever made. I had to spend $50 more to get the gerbing jacket, but i still have the liner that i no longer need. I should be able to sell it for around $200 which means this new solution actually costs less.

I like the jacket overall.

  • It fits well
  • the included liner zips in to the outer shell.
  • The outer shell is waterproof on its own.
  • It heats well.
  • Its got a bunch of very useful pockets and small other features. I love the breast pockets. 
  • The collars velcro off to the sides on nice days
  • Cool enough to ride with just the shell in spring / fall. So far tested in 70 degree weather and was cool enough.
  • Overall great price.

A few small gripes.

  • The liner is hard to get back in to the jacket properly. The button snaps in the sleeves are hard to get to when trying to secure the liner in.
  • The outer shells jacket extends over the riders hands, looping around thumb. I’m sure this is great in the cold winter, but its annoying so far. It makes it harder to get my gloves on. It makes it harder to get the jacket on. It makes the motorcycle grips feel wider which hurts me a bit. I wish they made them removable, or at least attached them to the liner instead of the shell. During spring or fall riding, i still have those hand covers attached and they are not needed. I end up tucking them back in to my jacket every time i wear it. I’m thinking of cutting them out, but I’m waiting until next winter to decide if they are worth keeping in or not.

I’m happy with it,  and it was a pleasure to ride on a beautiful spring day yesterday, and it kept me very warm on 30 degree days a few weeks back. I haven’t had it in extreme cold yet, but I’m sure it will keep me just as warm as the previous gerbings liner did for me through this winter.