Moments of Genius™ - Gel Heel Pad Edition

take a look at these. I’m thrilled. and not for the reasons you think.

yah. not for my feet. that would be too obvious. 

i love my new uglybros kevlar jeans. they are soft, easy to get on and off, and the knee pads being removable make my day so much easier when going in and out of clients homes.

the one downside is that on rides longer then 30 minutes, the knee pads start hurting my knees to the point of tingling. i think maybe hitting a nerve? i guess its because there isn’t much in-between the pad and my knee. I’ve been thinking that maybe i could get some foam pads and glue them in to relieve the pain. but .. no.. a moment of genius™ with my wife at wall greens tonight. lets hope this does the trick.

one size fits all.. indeed.