Moments of Genius™ - Gel Heel Pad Edition

take a look at these. I’m thrilled. and not for the reasons you think.

yah. not for my feet. that would be too obvious. 

i love my new uglybros kevlar jeans. they are soft, easy to get on and off, and the knee pads being removable make my day so much easier when going in and out of clients homes.

the one downside is that on rides longer then 30 minutes, the knee pads start hurting my knees to the point of tingling. i think maybe hitting a nerve? i guess its because there isn’t much in-between the pad and my knee. I’ve been thinking that maybe i could get some foam pads and glue them in to relieve the pain. but .. no.. a moment of genius™ with my wife at wall greens tonight. lets hope this does the trick.

one size fits all.. indeed.

Ugly Bros Shovel-K Kevlar Jeans with Armor

I found these while searching the interwebs for a good pair of summer pants. I was first toying with getting over pants from rev’it, similar to my winter pants, but with large mesh panels. This would mean i would need two layers in the summer which is not really appealing, and they would be white, which would be more obvious then my black winter over pants. I really refuse to ride without armor and protection. I know that a spill is inevitable and i want to give my body its best chance. I researched jeans from rev’it, but the reviews weren’t great. specifically regarding where the knee pads position against the riders knees.

So, again, i found these Shovel-K jeans, after weeks of random searching. What turned me on about it was that i could remove the knee pads without taking my pants off. This appeals to me because of how many stops i make on an average work day. I imagined riding to a client, parking my bike, quickly removing my knee pads and storing them in the side case. Going up to my client in somewhat normal looking jeans. I would look more normal then i do in the winter with my black over pants. Read on for close up photos and my thoughts…


They are a bit high priced, but compared to other solutions out there, they are actually an average price. The rev’it jeans were priced a bit lower, but pants from Aether a couple hundred more.

I searched for local retailers in north america. they had two, one in texas, and one in brooklyn. I went to jane motorcycles in willamsburg brooklyn to try on a pair. they didn’t have the kevlar jeans, but they had similar mens pants that i could try on. I tried on a pair, and actually liked the look of the dark green pants they had. They fit great, and getting the knee pads in and out was really easy to do. I would have bought that pair then, but the lack of kevlar or some other material to keep the pants from shredding on a fall scared me. I had them order me the jeans, which they do not normally stock. It came in a couple days ago, and i went to pick them up yesterday.

I was nervous about picking them up, as if they didn’t fit well, or i hated them, it would be a pain to return. I got lucky, they fit and feel perfect. I love the way they look (considering what they are). The kevlar lining makes the pant feel a little thicker which might get a little warm in the summer, but i think they are still my best option. better then two layers of pants, or jeans with mis-located knee pads.

I took them for a ride friday and they felt great. they didn’t hold my balls hostage, they didn’t feel too thin. I felt confident wearing them. The knee pads felt good. I’m excited to use them for most of this coming summer.

A few more photos… the yellow liner is the kevlar liner.