Entering The Parallel Universe


I’ve been thinking about this for months, ever since I test drove that F800GS I was so impressed from the smoothness of that engine. I continued loving my G650, but I knew I was ready for more. Of course being me I reseached the hell out of it. I decided the F700 was a great fit for me right now…..

It has similar dimensions and weight to the 650. It’s about 40lbs heavier, and an 1” narrower. It rides taller, but still even with the higher comfort seat my feet touch the ground easily to the balls of my feet and flat foot if I try. 

I did everything I could to make this happen. I finally sold my bike for a decent price and yesterday, I went back to BMW of Manhattan to pick up the new F700 GS in ostra gray, with electronic suspension, traction control, the comfort seat, and a top case. My salesman JP was really great. He went out of his way for me, knowing this was my 2nd bike in two years, he made sure i paid less and i got what i wanted.

I got to drive it home last night after a rain storm. The first 45 minutes of my ride was beautiful and rain free, the last 15 minutes it rained on me but not too bad. 

I was nervous to drive the bike out of bmw. While I got to test drive the 800 a few months back on the west side highway, they only let me test drive the 700 for 1 mile on local streets. I wasn’t 100% sure I was making the right decision with this bike, especially because its been a few weeks between my 1 mile test drive and the time i made the purchase. I was nervous and didn’t want to be in the position where I wanted to sell it a year later. I needed the 650 to be my starter bike, it was perfect for that, but I want this new bike to last for many years. 

When i finally took the bike out of the dealership, i was instantly reminded why i was so crazy about getting this bike. Its a world of a difference going from a thumper to a parallel twin. It has a much longer first gear, its tremendously smoother, more precise feeling engine, with a very clicky shifter. The bike fit me like a glove, i was higher up, my knees were less bent, it felt great. I rode off in a beautiful sunset while the streets were still wet from a recent rain.


I took the west side highway, through the lincoln tunnel and on to the jersey shore. On the highway, i was doing 80 effortlessly in 6th gear (the magical gear that the 650 does not have). The ride was quiet at that speed, so refreshing. The bike handled so well in the curves, it was much easier to hold a steady line. I felt so confident and natural, what a great purchase. All worth it.

The top vario case is great, really great. I love the color of the bike, i love the on board computer, its all just great. I’m so excited to spend a few good years with this bike. I’m also really looking forward to some lone camping with this thing. I’ll be going to get the side vario cases soon, and this time around I’m going to use a small top cover whenever i can. 

Why i upgraded from the 650 to the 700

  • well first, to clarify, the F700 is actually an 800CC 
  • i wanted something that fit my height and body better, the 650 felt small, cramped, and over long rides really took a toll on my body
  • i wanted a smoother engine, and a 6th gear for higher speeds
  • i wanted more electronics for safety and comfort 
  • its an 1” narrower then the 650
  • i really wanted that parallel twin 

Why i didn’t get the 800

  • its a bit more expensive ($2k more)
  • its wider which is not great for manhattan traffic
  • its heavier making it harder to maneuver tight spots in the city
  • its taller, and so with the comfort seat on the 800, my feet were not secure enough on the floor for me

The family all mostly loved it when they saw it today… besides them not wanting me to ride at all.. they thought it was beautiful.

The kids even got in on the action. My 2 girls and my 2 nephews: