Moto Summer Camping - Week 3 - Staten Island

Last week was tough. Lots of rain so the one night that looked decent I ended up camping very local. Right under the verazanno bridge in Staten Island. A good 30 minutes from where I live. It was a cool experience. Seeing the bridge right over me. It’s nice to know I can do things like this in my own backyard. 

The camp sites were brand new. It was only $20 for 2 people to camp - and came with free wood already piled up for us on our site. It was within an old fort and military area that’s still partially active. We had to park by a designated parking area so was hard to get a shot with tent and bike.

my brother in law and business partner harry joined me for the night. he met me in his car, and we had a great time. it ended up raining most of the night, but during sleep hours so we were fine. packing up in the morning was much easier having a car, since everything was wet we just rolled most of it up and put it in his car, drying it off when we got home.