F700GS Gerbing Heat Controller Installation

I wanted to get this installed while it was still above 60 degrees out. Its about to get cold in NY. Gerbing Gear is what allows me to ride through out the entire NYC winter, as long as its not snowing or freezing rain. This is the same controller i installed last year on my G650 GS. I pulled it off the bike before i sold it, but last years installation worked out really well. This years came out better. It was simpler, and quicker then last year, mostly because it almost identical.

I wired up the battery terminals, stashed the fuse in a little open pocket near the battery. I then routed the wires under the plastic in to the side frame of the bike. I removed a triangular piece of plastic on the side of the bike, which is where i planned to mount the controller. I then continued the wiring from the controller, back in to the bike, and under the seat.

It was quick and simple, and i think it looks better then last year. Especially how the jacket connector now tucks under the seat when not in use.

Click the first photo to launch the gallery, pay attention to the captions on some of the photos for more detail.